Solutions for Membership Organisations

Systematic have been working with some of the leading UK charities and large membership organisations for many years.
Our SMX Patron CRM offers a fully bespoke membership and supporter management solution.

Here is just a selection of the features that can be found in our supporter management module:

  • Classify your supporters into any number of groups – these can be global (available to everyone), private (available only to the person who created them – you have to be given specific rights for this);
  • Create any number of customer fields for donor information
  • Record the relationships between a supporter and other supporters or locations
  • Keep a record of all interactions between your company and supporters – this is automatic if you use the built in communications options
  • Easily add to existing lists or create new ones
  • Send and email / letter / sms to a supporter using Word or the inbuilt editor
  • Create a targeted promotion to a selected list

Some of the companies who we have worked with